Päijät-Hämeen Laitoshuoltopalvelut Oy is an innovative and skilled service provider


Our services include institutional domestic, cleaning, customer service, doorman, transport and specialised property management services. We have around 330 work locations around Lahti. These include Lahti City Hall, the sports centre as well as museums. Our largest employers are hospitals, daycare centres and schools. We have a personnel consisting of more than 500 skilled individuals. Our turnover is approximately 20 million euros.


We carry out self-evaluations and self-checks to ensure the quality of our services and activities. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys and quality rounds. We develop the eco-friendliness of our cleaning services by carrying out self-evaluations using the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s criteria.


Our business concept


We produce competitive services of high quality by providing out clients solutions that effectively and profitably support their activities.

We can guarantee our clients the best, fast and flexible solutions with our bold ability to renew and strong professional competence and skill.


Vision 2020


We will be our field’s largest service provider in the region, and our business activities will be profitable. We will maintain strategically important clients and expand our activities in a controlled manner to new markets. We will be of good repute and well-known.


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